What is Housing Support?

Housing Support is for vulnerable people who might otherwise struggle to live independently. This is provided by a wide range of Floating Support Services across Northern Ireland.

Floating Support is a vital preventative tool that supports vulnerable people who might otherwise struggle to live independently.


What are the main functions of Floating Support?


To Prevent the loss of secure and suitable housing, a key aspect of which is homelessness prevention


Resettle people into housing following a period of homelessness or following time they have not been living in their own home


What are the main objectives of Floating Support Services?

Quality of Life

Achieve a better quality of life for vulnerable people to live more independently and maintain their tenancies

Problem Prevention

Provide housing support services to prevent problems that can often lead to hospitalization, institutional care, or Homelessness

Independent Living

Help to smooth the transition to independent living for those leaving an institutionalized environment


What can Floating Support Service Providers do to help?

Security of Tenure

Sustaining current housing, ensuring security of tenure

Setting up Home

Providing assistance to find suitable accommodation and “set up home”


Maximising income to meet housing costs and managing finances

Access to Services

Assisting with access to health & social care and specialist services

Domestic Support

Support with daily domestic life and social skills

Family Re-engaement

Encourage and support positive community participation and re-engage with family

Do you know the signs?

Our Housing Support Training Course helps equip the general public, private and social landlords as well as frontline workers to better understand the signs and help prevent homelessness.